What Is Sears Master Protection Agreement

What Is Sears Master Protection Agreement

NEW JERSEY – I had a Sears protection contract for our C.C.C. systems for 20 years. We have had many complaints over the years about the non-approval of their contractual terms, but after noisy and frequent complaints, Sears would pass. Not anymore. The last couple dates were all nightmares. Dec. 2017 – The heating doesn`t work. Sears cannot schedule the service for 6 days. Uses a local repair service. Sears tried to refuse the refund. It took a lot of phone calls and emails to get Sears, to finally refund us $262.

MAY 2018 – Maintenance A/C scheduled for 8 days. The appointment was never confirmed. Can`t get sears to fix the refrigerator. The coins were shared on the “provision” request. My fridge has traveled five times since November. The last repairman said he would be replaced next time. Guess what? Next time, it`s here. 5 weeks after the replacement of the new capacitor engine. We`ll see what happens. Any insight would be helpful.

We recently tried to get our refund from Sears for a repair they couldn`t do. We paid over $200. Still no refund, and that`s after calling the company over and over and received the “run around”. It was no longer under a protection plan, but we would have to be reimbursed if they could not solve the problem. After the 3rd time with their repairman, coming in a period of 2 weeks, we had to fight just to get the repairman to fill out a form for our refund. I`d like to join a complaint against Sears. The number of hours I spent going to one person and having my fridge repaired is incredible, unless you have worked with Sears. They came out 6 times and I tried to get endless times and hours to get what I think is a “ghost” dept.

I started this June 5th and had to eat and buy ice cream for 3 months. I`m the SICK of Sears!!!!!! I have documented who I spoke to, when and for how long, and I have 16 pages typed with notes. I have the same problem with Sears. My fridge isn`t working very well. I have so many repairs and a Sear technology that thought it was repairable, and they still won`t help me. I also bought the master`s contract. CINCINNATI, OHIO — We`re sorry we don`t agree with almost all the critics, but many of them didn`t use common sense. I have had several years of excellent service from Sears in repairing my devices. I checked with the repairers before buying new appliances because they know which appliances they can easily get spare parts (just as our mechanic took us away from a particular car, as all repair parts must come from a foreign country).

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