Usc Moorpark Articulation Agreement

Usc Moorpark Articulation Agreement

San Jose City College has articulation agreements with a large number of four-year institutions, including the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), private and non-state colleges/universities. Explore transfer agreements by source or destination. Choose and follow you to save lessons, fees and time until you graduate. Mount Saint Mary`s University is updating articulation agreements and transfer guides. The agreements and guides described on this page should be used to help aspiring students decide which courses will be transferred to Mount Saint Mary`s University. Joint agreements and transfer guides are used to help students take the corresponding courses at community universities, which are transferred for loans in the direction of a degree to Mount Saint Mary`s University. Many California universities, private or independent, will accept the completion of the GE-Breadth CHI and/or CSU to meet their lowest general education requirements; Others are often loaned for courses at Moorpark College, which are transferable to the University of California (UC TCA). In addition, Moorpark College has developed articulation agreements with some of these schools. If you are a current student, please follow the links below to find the articulation agreements/transfer guides for the courses corresponding to the General Culture section of the MSMU catalogue.

The articulation agreements for San Jose City College are available on ASSIST. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for Colleges and Universities in California and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on transferable courses in California. If you are an aspiring student interested in transferring courses (s) to Mount Saint Mary`s University, please see the articulation agreements/transfer guides listed below. Interested students can also visit transferology to find out if courses at other institutions are transferable to Mount Saint Mary`s University. Section I – List of Relevant Information on Liberal Arts Education (MSMU General Education Requirements). LACE`s requirements in this agreement include Written Communication, Reasoning: Math – Critical Thinking, Language and the Central Core: Spirit of the Founders, Community, Global Awareness – Understanding und Women – Gender. The agreements are updated every two years. More detailed information can be found in the catalogue and in the articulation agreements themselves. The articulation agreements archived before autumn 2018 are available in our archives. Section III – List of lower department courses within the Liberal Studies major that have been selected by the Ministry of Education for articulation.

Students who are interested in a major for liberal studies should not consider Section II. Keep in mind that each university or university has its own admission requirements. It is recommended that you meet regularly with a mc advisor to develop an education transfer plan that is the most sufficient and beneficial to your educational goal. Consultation appointments can be scheduled by telephone at (805) 378-1428. Specifies courses that are only taught at FIDM`s Bachelor of Science to complement the lower section of general education requirements of the lower section of students. “Articulated courses” can be applied to the general width of the school requirements as well as the important preparation requirements for the university to which a student intends to refer. Some “articulated courses” are presented only as courses of choice. Articulation is the process that connects two educational institutions to help students move easily from community school to university or university without having to take dual course work.

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