Church Organization

Pastoral Staff

Pastor, James T. Morrison, Jr.

First Lady, Renee Morrison

Fayetteville District Presiding Elder

Rev. Joseph C. Brown, Sr.

Convenes quarterly conferences at each local church, district conference (annual)

Evans Metropolitan

New Bethel

Lock’s Creek

Mt. Hebrew

Willis Creek

St. John

Gardner’s Chapel

Chapel Grove

Spring Branch

Moore’s Chapel

Simon Temple

Mattocks Memorial

Mt. Zion

Wesley Chapel


Rock Spring

Clark’s Chapel

Hood Memorial

Snow Hill

New Life

Eastern North Carolina Episcopal District Presiding Bishop

Bishop Kenneth Monroe

Convenes check-up meetings and annual conference; receives reports, gives out appointments, ordains/passes ministers-in-training to next level, collects funds for operation of conference (Home Missions, etc.) and the connectional assessments.

Durham District

Sanford District

Dunn-Lillington District

Fayetteville District

Laurinburg District

Raleigh District

Associate Ministers

Dr. Otis T McMillian

Rev. Barbara McMillian

Rev. Fredricka Bethune